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Do you enjoy writing and have a special story or viewpoint to share? Do you care a lot about something and want others to know more about it? Our blogging group likes hearing from different people and welcomes guest writers who can bring new ideas and different views. Whether you want to write a lot or just once, we’d love to hear from you and show off your work on our website.

Guest Blogging Opportunities: A Guide to Getting Published

We’re looking for good writers who love talking about different things like lifestyle, fashion, health, entertainment, technology, business, home & garden, parenting & family, what’s happening now, gadgets, and helpful tips. If you’re great at writing and know a lot about any of these topics, we’d love to hear from you! Writing guest posts for us is a great chance to show off what you know and how well you write. You can write just once or keep contributing regularly – either way works for us. Join our group of writers and share your thoughts on our website. We’ll make sure to share your work on our website and social media, so lots of people can see it.

Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post: How to Get Published

Welcome to our guest post guidelines! We’re excited to have you contribute to our platform. Before you begin crafting your article, please review the following guidelines carefully:

  • SEO-Optimized Titles: Please suggest three or four article titles that are optimized for search engines and align with our audience’s interests. We’ll select the most suitable title from your suggestions.
  • Language Use: All guest posts must be written in English. We encourage clear and concise language to ensure readability and engagement.
  • Article Length: Your guest post should ideally range between 1200 and 2000 words. We prioritize originality, so please refrain from submitting rewritten or spun content. Additionally, include relevant references to support your points. Avoid including affiliate links, product promotions, services, or other promotional content.
  • Links: You are permitted to include one link in your article, provided it does not lead to commercial websites.
  • Author Details: Along with your guest post, please include your name and a brief biography. Additionally, provide royalty-free images or graphics (1024px wide) to accompany your post. We also welcome video URLs (oembed) or embed codes.
  • Editing Rights: As the publisher, we reserve the right to edit your guest post for clarity, coherence, and adherence to our guidelines. However, you will retain ownership of the copyright to your content.
  • Sponsored Content: If you’re interested in sponsored content opportunities, we offer paid guest post placements. The pricing will be determined based on the quality of the content submitted.

Please review our T&C for guest post submissions before proceeding. We look forward to receiving your contribution!

How to Submit Your Guest Post and What You’ll Get Back

At TTI Trends, we like having guest writers in our group. Before you send your article, share a little about yourself and what you do so we can collaborate better.

When you write for us, you’ll get one backlink that boosts your SEO and another one that doesn’t.

To send your article, email it as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file to [email protected]. We’ll review it within two days and get back to you via email.

Write Guest Posts on Different Topics

Let us see what you’ve got! Share your top-notch work with us

Do you like writing about the same stuff we talked about before? We’d like to work with you! We want our blog to be a top spot for readers, so we need good writers like you. We want to write interesting articles that keep people interested. If you care about what we’re doing and you’re good at writing, come join us!

If you’re good at writing and have cool ideas, we want you to write for TTI Trends. We’re looking for articles that people can easily find online and match our interests. Before you send us your article or anything else, make sure you know our rules for guest posts. This will help us work together well.

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