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Are you good at writing and have an interesting story or way of looking at things to share? Are you really interested in a certain topic or something you care about that you want more people to know about? In our blogging group, we really like having different viewpoints, and we invite people who want to write guest posts that bring new ideas and different ways of thinking to our platform. You might want to write for us regularly, or maybe just once, but we’re excited to hear from you and show your work on our website.

Chances to Write Guest Posts: A Guide to Getting Published

We’re looking for people who know a lot about writing! If you’re really good at writing and you’re interested in business, money, jobs and learning, lifestyle, parties, fun, style, health, religion and special events, trips, news, technology, or helpful hints, we want you to get in touch! We have a great way for you to show what you know and how well you write by doing guest posts on any of the subjects we just talked about. You can send us a post just one time, or if you want, you can keep sending us posts. We’d love for you to join our group of writers and let others see what you have to say on our website. We’ll help get your work out there on our website and on social media, so more people can see it.

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If you’re interested in paying to have a post on TTI Trends, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team will work closely with you to make and put up content on our website that goes along with what you want. If you want to know more about how you can pay for this, you can contact us anytime.

We Want to Read Your Best Work

Do you love writing about the things we talked about earlier or other things that are like them? We want to work with you! We’re trying to be a really good place for people to read blogs, so we’re looking for people who write really well to work with us. We want to make great articles that get people thinking and interested. If you care about what we’re doing and you’re good at making great articles, we want you to join us in doing this cool thing.

If you’re really good at writing and have some awesome ideas, we’d be really happy to have you as a writer for TTI Trends. We’re looking for articles that are easy to find on the internet and are about certain things we like. Before you send us your article or anything else, take some time to look at our rules for writing guest posts. This will help us work together in a way that’s easy and makes sense.

Write Guest Posts on a Variety of Topics to Expand Your Reach

Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post: How to Get Published

Before commencing your writing, please propose three or four SEO-optimized article titles that resonate with our interests and audience. We will then review and select the one that best aligns. Be sure to check out our T&C for submitting a guest post!

  1. Language Use: All guest posts must be crafted in English.
  2. Article Length: Your guest post should fall within the 1200-2000 word range and stand as an original piece that’s presently trending in the market. We discourage the submission of rewritten or spun content. Furthermore, guest posts should include references relevant to the topic and refrain from affiliate links, product promotions, services, or other promotional content.
  3. Links: A single link within your article is permissible, provided it doesn’t direct to commercial websites.
  4. Author Details: Kindly include your name and a concise biographical summary with your guest post. Additionally, guest post writers should provide royalty-free images or graphics (1024px wide) and be open to video URLs (oembed) or embed codes.
  5. Editing Privileges: As the publisher, we retain the right to edit your guest post. However, you will maintain copyright ownership of your content.
  6. Sponsored Content: For those interested in sponsored content, we offer paid guest post opportunities. The pricing structure will correspond to content quality.

Submitting a Guest Post and What You’ll Receive

At TTI Trends, every guest post author is embraced as a valued member of our family. Before submitting your post, please provide a brief self-introduction and background, enabling us to collaborate effectively.

  1. In your role as a guest post author, you will receive one Do-Follow and one No-Follow backlink.
  2. To submit your guest post, please send it as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) attachment to [email protected] as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) attachment.
  3. Your submission will be reviewed within two working days, and we will communicate its status via email.

Tips for Discovering Guest Posting Platforms

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Using Keyword Queries to Find Guest Post Opportunities

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